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May Hill Commission

I was asked to make this picture for a client who has the pleasure of this view from their garden. May Hill is in Gloucestershire, a distinctive crescent shaped hill with a clump of trees on top and is a well-known local landmark.  I have a special relationship with this landscape, having made a few versions of it as it conveys many moods with its ever changing colours that makes it such a wonderful subject.  My client was very pleased with it!


May Hill, Textile Collage


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Commission, Sandaig, Scotland

Sandaig, Textile Collage

I was asked to do this commission recently. It is where Gavin Maxwell (of Ring of Bright Water fame) lived with his otters on the north west coast of Scotland.  It is such a beautiful part of the world that I had to jump to the challenge.  It is one of the largest pictures I have done measuring a metre in length with the frame but this majestic view could not be scaled down.

Thanks Trudi for commissioning me.

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The church commission, revisited!

I went back to my commission at Dymock church in Herefordshire and was amazed at how great it looks there.

I was commissioned to make two pictures of famous landmarks of this area – May Hill and the Malvern Hills. It was for a celebration of the six Dymock poets who lived there before the First World War who used to meet up on these beautiful hills for inspiration.

Sadly, Edward Thomas, one of the poets, died in the war which resulted in the break-up of this talented group. Anyhow if you are traveling that way, it’s worth a visit and postcards are available!

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