About Me

Su graduated from Herefordshire College of Art in 2001 with BA (Hons) in Design Crafts and now lives in Bristol. Landscapes are her inspiration, looking at the effect of light and colour that evoke their unique atmosphere. As she used to live in Herefordshire, her inspiration came from the surrounding countryside,  the Welsh mountains  and the Malvern Hills. She has also spent many holidays in Scotland and the west coast of Ireland.

Since moving to Bristol, the urban landscape has encouraged Su to develop her print-making which she approaches in the same way as her textile work, looking at layers and textures.

Limited edition giclee prints are available of the original textile work and she has limited edition prints of her print work. She has a selection of greetings cards and postcards too.

Commissions are welcomed.

You can send Su an email to be placed on her mailing list for updates as to when these will become available.


10 responses to “About Me

  1. Pamela Barton

    I purchased postcards of May Hill and Malverns earlier this year at the church. I would like to purchase more of the May Hill cards and know is you have any prints of that Hill.
    Many thanks!

    • Hi Pamela, thanks for your interest.
      The MayHill and Malvern postcards are on sale at the church or Parkfields Gallery in Ross-on-Wye or I can send you some in the post if you let me know how many you need. I do not have any prints but if you let me know what size you were looking for, I can find out how much this would cost.
      Best wishes

  2. claire

    Hi Su,
    Looking at your work and it is beautiful, could you get in touch re: how to buy your work? / if your work is available to buy? Was looking for Glastonbury Tor Collages.
    Many thanks!

    • Hi Claire,
      Thank you for your lovely comments. I have some of my pictures at three galleries at the moment:
      The Grant Bradley Gallery in Bedminster, Bristol
      The Blue Ginger Gallery in Cradley, Herefordshire
      The Old Chapel Gallery, Pembridge, Herefordshire
      My picture of Glastonbury Tor is presently with me at home and it is for sale at £180. I also have two other pictures, May Hill in Spring at £270 and Black Mountains II at £250. These are all original textiles but I do have various small prints (A4) at £20 each and you are very welcome to visit to have a look. Do you live near Bristol?
      Best wishes.


  3. claire

    I would love to buy the collage of the Tor, could you send an email address or number that I can contact you on to arrange this? I am no longer in Somerset, moved back home to the Lake District recently.
    Kind regards

  4. Jill Lewis

    Hi Su
    Picture up on the wall in pride of place in the hallway and very happy. It captures the mood of the current weather! See you in November at Totterdown.
    Jill Lewis

    • Ah thank you, it’s lovely to know how much it is appreciated. I’ve had a nice break this weekend but I’m already planning my next picture! I will keep you posted.

      Best wishes.


  5. Zoe

    Hi Su
    I am an art A level student and am currently working on my coursework, with the topic of mixed media and textiles in landscape. I love your work, you have been inspirational to my own artwork. I was hoping you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions. What influences you to make a choice of subject? What are the materials you mainly use? What techniques do you use in your textile works? and also What artists have inspired you?

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.

  6. Alexandra Roberts

    I would love to buy a textile collage of May Hill please.

  7. Nancy Jones

    Hi Su
    Really like your work and would like to know if there’s anywhere currently where we would be able to find your Avon gorge textile collage piece for sale (including printed copies). We have a fridge magnet of it at the moment but would really like a full scale version to frame.

    All the best,
    Nancy Jones

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