Front Room Art Trail, Totterdown

The Front Room Art Trail in Totterdown was bustling!  This year, my picture, Trees, Autumn  inspired a poem  from the Bristol Fiction Writers’ Group. This piece was written by Judy Darley, a fiction writer and journalist.

Trees, Autumn

It was when she took her shoes off that she truly sensed the change in season. Walking barefoot out of the house, she inhaled the subtle hint of ice in the air. Away over the hills someone was burning woodland waste, and the fragrance caught in the back of her throat – a mix of sweet and acrid flames devouring rotting wood, the shells of woodlice, old fallen husks of seeds that had failed to take root and flourish. Smoke rose into the crisp air, shedding a saffron haze above the newly nuded trees.

But it was beneath her feet that she felt the cool furrows of mud creeping between her toes, touching the tender flesh there and speaking softly of the changes in its depths – the quiet movements of mammals and invertebrates preparing for the months of motionlessness ahead, the plants drawing in, sinking down, feeding their nutrients back into the soil. And with it the promise of the long dark times to come, all in preparation of springtime

As well as art and craft, there was some really fine live music which entertained the visitors and artists. A big thanks to Ruth and Totterdown Baptist Church for orgnanising one of the best venues of the trail.


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